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Scaffolding Contracting

Being a reputed scaffolding company in UAE, we undertake all types scaffolding contract works ( Installation and dismantling) , varying from small works to major construction sites, for the following :

  • Scaffolding for building construction and maintenance.
  • Scaffolding for electro-mechanical and MEP companies
  • Scaffolding for demolition of buildings
  • Scaffolding for Events Stages Grand stands Hoardings
  • Scaffolding for industrial repair and maintenance
  • Scaffolding for mechanical and steel construction
  • Scaffolding for outdoor signboards and signage
  • Scaffolding for ship building ship repairs and ship maintenance
  • Scaffolding for cleaning companies
  • Scaffolding for interior decorating companies
  • Scaffolding for Tanks

Our experienced team can accommodate almost any requirements from simple working platforms and scaffold towers and scaffold stages with all the necessary extras like sheeting, temporary roofing, ramps, runways, hoists, fencing ..etc

We work hard to bring you a reliable, professional and safe service with a good turnaround. Our scaffolding is constructed by experienced scaffolders who can advise on all aspects of the scaffolding element of a project. When it come to dismantling; just as complex as putting it up, our team put just as much preparation and care into careful dismantling of scaffolds ensuring the safety of workers and public and the structural integrity of the building

We work closely with the team to deliver the unique requirements expected from each project. Our Clients can have the peace of mind that they are placing their access requirements in the hands of fully trained professionals.

We undertake scaffolding Installation and dismantling works for the following systems/Types of scaffoldings with or without the rental of scaffolding

Cuplock system

CUPLOCK is distinguished by its unique node point, which allows up to four components to be connected in one fastening action.It Provides major savings in erection and dismantling times thus minimizing on site cost. Small teams can erect it safely and quickly.

Cuplock scaffold is ideal for a wide range of applications including continuous façade, circular scaffold, birdcage access and support & staircase access. It is often used for renovation scaffolding ,masonry scaffolding, as well as being used in more specialised applications, such as shipbuilding, Performance stages and event grandstands.

Tube and Fitting Systems

We offer an extensive range of scaffold tubes, fittings, boards, and accessories capable of following the most complex building and plant profiles, fitting into awkward spaces and accommodating changing requirements. We can make a system adaptable for almost any access application. Both pressed and drop forged fittings are available and all scaffold boards conform to British standards.

Light Weight Scaffolding Systems ( Access Frame Scaffolding)

We do not provide H Frame scaffolding on hire as we believe that this scaffolding does not comply with the local and international safety requirements. However, we can install and dismantle it for you if you have your own materials.

Our Services

Scaffolding For Building Construction

The name  “Forever scaffolding” is very popular as a scaffolding service provider in UAE since the year 2004.  In order to meet the  scaffolding requirements for the construction industry in UAE , We offer ...

Scaffolding For Electro Mechanical and MEP Companies

We offer scaffolding installation services for various mechanical,electrical, and plumbing (MEP) works which includes, but not limited to, the following :- Shut down works, Equipment installation and maintenance, Electrical installation, Fittings & Fixtures Services....

Scaffolding For Demolition of Building

Whether you are demolishing an apartment block or extending a house, making the project safe by using scaffolding is essential. Requirements on many demolition sites vary from project to project. However, there are no...

Scaffolding For Events,Stages Grandstands and Hoardings

We undertake installation of event scaffolding structure, constructing sub-structures for temporary buildings and seating grandstands, Camera Tower Platform, arches, award ceremony stage, tents & structures for Sporting Events, Public Events, Concerts and Shows at...

Scaffolding for Industrial Repair and Maintenance

“Forever Scaffolding ” is specialized for the installation and dismantling of scaffolding for all purposes of industrial repair and maintenance. Our team are very familiar with the procedure to install safe scaffolding for the...

Scaffolding for Mechanical and Steel Construction

We offer wide varieties of scaffolding services for mechanical construction and steel construction within your budget at the most reasonable prices. If you are not sure about the type and sizes of scaffolding required,...

Scaffolding for Ship Building Ship Repair and Maintenance

Scaffolding for Ship Building Ship Repair and Maintenance We are engaged in the installation of scaffolding for ship building , repair and maintenance to carry out various activities at different locations including painting and...

Scaffolding For Signboards and Signages

We supply scaffolding for signages and signboards and undertake scaffolding installation works for the same. We offer scaffolding solutions to fix all standard and custom size banners , double sided banners, indoor signages ,...

Scaffolding for Cleaning Companies

We support the cleaning companies by providing scaffolding access to reach at height for cleaning the surfaces. We supply scaffolding for internal and external cleaning of buildings. The Cuplock system scaffolding and Mobile steel...

Scaffolding For Interior Decorating Companies

We supply scaffolding to carry out all interior works in the villas , residential and commercial buildings which includes  Ceiling includes integral lighting, fixing chandliers, HVAC grilles, sprinklers and partition connection points, Mechanical and...

Scaffolding For Tanks and Oil Field

We undertake internal and external scaffolding for the fuel / oil tanks, water tanks , Chimney . The types of tanks include Fixed roof Tank, External floating roof tanks, Internal floating roof tanks, Domed...