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Is it is better to use scaffolding than ladder for work at height Jobs?

The core subject of this blog is ” Scaffolding for work at height ” . It compares the advantages of using scaffolding for work at height than using ladder. Before, we proceed, it is better to understand separately what is meant by scaffolding and ladder..


Scaffolding is the temporary structures that is used to support people and hold materials that are to be used for construction or repair of buildings and other structures. The main purpose of a scaffolding is to provide a safe working platform to carry out the tasks for work at height . This platform helps to have a safe access to store the materials and tools needed for the work. We , always, suggest to use the cuplock scaffolding


Ladder is a a structure for climbing up or down that consists essentially of two long sidepieces joined at intervals by crosspieces on which one may step.Ladders are used in the construction industry to solve the requirements of working at height due to the easiness of moving it from one place to other.

Limitations in the Use of Ladder

However, several accidents are reported every year from due to the fall from ladder because of various reasons and many are killed also. Many of the accidents occur because the ladder is not properly secured, usually because the work was of very short duration and so people hesitate to secure it. Other typical ladder accidents include falls as a consequence of over-reaching or overbalancing, or due to losing hold of the ladder when carrying loads up . Accidents also happens due to the slippage of ladder if it is not setup at proper angle . In short, there are several reasons for accidents to happen from the ladder compared to the use of scaffolding. Also, it is very difficult to carry the tools and materials while working on ladder.

Advantages of Using Scaffolding for work at height than Ladder

Scaffolding can allow several people to work simultaneously on the platforms for various works and each of them gets enough space to work on. But, it is difficult to work simultaneously with a ladder as you have to go down most of the times to move it. Ladders also need external support. Once reached to the working platform of a safely constructed scaffolding, the employee’s both hands are free for the job and so work can be done speedily and safely. But, in the case of ladder, the employee has to use one hand , always, to hold on the ladder according to the three point contact principle which makes it difficult to do the job speedily and safely. If you do not want to trouble yourself much on this, you may contract your scaffolding works to a well known scaffolding contractor in UAE.

Conclusion of why scaffolding is preferred for work at height jobs

So, it is always comfortable and safe to use scaffolding for work at height than ladders and can avoid major accidents. Ladders are not suitable for continuous jobs. It is suitable only for the intermittent and small duration of works. So, considering all the above points, we can definitely reach to a conclusion that scaffolding is better to use than ladder for work at height jobs. You can see several images of safely erected scaffoldings works here . The scaffolding also very dangerous and collapse of scaffolding can result in multiple fatalities if it is not erected properly by the competent scaffolders. So, if you are not sure about how to erect a scaffolding safely , you have to take the service of a reputed scaffolding company in UAE.

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