About us

As a scaffolding company in UAE

We are one of the top scaffolding companies in UAE offering services at all emirates including Dubai and Abudhabi. The company deals with wide ranges of scaffolding services since the year 2004. As a top scaffolding company in UAE, it is our promise to provide the best services to our clients. Our scaffolding work in UAE covers for all sectors like residential, commercial and industrial field. Due to excellent service, we are in the list of top scaffolding companies in UAE including at Dubai and Abudhabi. Of course, this is also due to our dedication, commitment and on time delivery of works.

Our  Service as a scaffolding Company in UAE

Our services include to the following sectors:

  • Scaffolding for building construction ,electromechanical
  • Scaffolding for events and stages
  • Scaffold for Industrial repair, Ship building and repair, interior decoration.
  • Work for Tanks and marine fields
  • And finally, Steel construction, mechanical construction and  advertisement.

You can visit our scaffolding contracting page to have more details about all the above works.  We take care of all your scaffolding rental needs including Steel and Aluminium scaffolding. We rent-out cuplock scaffolding including Scaffold boards, Scaffolding Towers and Stair access scaffolding.

Our Specialties as a Top scaffolding Company in UAE

Do you know why “FOREVER SCAFFOLDING” is  known as a top scaffolding company in UAE ? . It is because of our  following specialties.    

  • Firstly, Competency level of Scaffolders  and supervisors
  • Secondly, The  Safety and service quality
  • Our good reputation in the market
  • The  proper approach with the client,
  • The easy terms and conditions.
  • Reasonable Contractual terms
  • Fast Communication and response
  • Lastly, the  rates of scaffolding supply and installation …etc

We will go through each of the above with more explanation , as detailed below

Competent scaffolders and Supervisors

Generally speaking, the scaffolding work is highly risky job. So, we need to assign very competent scaffolders to perform the job in order that accident do not happen.  FOREVER SCAFFOLDING employ very competent and experienced scaffolders, inspectors and Engineers for the scaffolding work. Because of this, our competent team help us to make our all projects very successful. It is due to this reason that we get more clients across all emirates in UAE on regular basis. We can also supply certified scaffolders on contract basis for your works. On the whole, this help us to be a best scaffolding company in UAE including in Dubai and Abudhabi.

Safety and Service quality   

The safety of scaffolding installation is a major concern in the construction field. As a result of poor safety measures, several accidents can happen in the scaffolding works. Surely, many deaths happen every year from the accident related to scaffolding installation and dismantling. Yes, here is our importance. FOREVER SCAFFOLDING has no history of any accidents and, and so, no lost time injuries happened so far. Our full team have enough exposure to the safe working practices. In a word, At FOREVER SCAFFOLDING, we give top priority for health and safety at our works. So, people consider us as one of the best scaffolding companies in UAE including at Dubai and Abudhabi.

With regard to service quality, we are at the front of all other scaffolding companies in UAE. We can successfully complete your projects safely, and, on time within the budget. This is applicable for all jobs, whether it is simple work or complicated.  It is our assurance that all erected scaffold complies to best industry standards and our safety and quality policies. Accordingly, we keep our name as one of the top scaffolding companies in UAE including at Dubai and Abudhabi.

Our reputation in the market as one of the top scaffolding companies in UAE

By the way, the reputation as a Scaffolding company does not happen all of a sudden. It happens in a long period of time and through the proven service in the local market. Without doubt, we can say that our name as best scaffolding company in UAE achieved in this way. Our active presence in the UAE for providing scaffolding service, since long years, helped us for this. As a leading scaffolding company in UAE, we always give importance for customer satisfaction. About 80% of our workload comes as repeated business from the same clients. Moreover, we receive several works through the reference from our existing clients.

The terms and conditions, approach and contractual terms, Rates, communications

Our terms and conditions related to the scaffolding contract works and rental services are very reasonable. We discuss about the scope of works in detail with the client before the work order. In this way, we eliminate the chances of any dispute at later stages. Also, we are very flexible in our approach and thereby it helps to progress the works easily. It is our assurance that everything goes as per the agreed terms. This is one of the reasons why our clients give us works repeatedly. We understand the importance of quick response  expected from a scaffolding company. So, we respond to all enquiries quickly and make site survey, if required. Our rates for scaffolding contracting and rental are very reasonable. As a result of all these, we grow as a leading scaffolding contractor in UAE including at Dubai, Abudhabi.


As a reputed scaffolding company in UAE, we ensure to complete the works on agreed schedule and safely. We offer extended service at all emirates including at Dubai and Abudhabi as a scaffolding company. It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you. Contact us with your enquiry. Certainly, we would be pleased to respond for any questions you may have.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver cost effective and advanced scaffolding solutions to match the individual requirements of our clients. We  do not compromise on health and procedures in our works . In addition to this, we constantly try  to improve  Safety and  Quality. We further aim to improve the reliability of  our scaffolding works .It is our policy to employ  highly trained, experienced and competent  team for the works . Thus, we want to keep on delivering our products and services with highest quality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain foremost position as a leading Scaffolding company in UAE. We do constant research to ensure that our scaffolding services are at the first place in comparison with others. FOREVER SCAFFOLDING aim to continue providing the best scaffolding solutions to all sectors in UAE. Safety, quality and reliability will be the main pillars of our business  to satisfy the customers.