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Scaffolding For Building Construction

The name  “Forever scaffolding” is very popular as a scaffolding service provider in UAE since the year 2004.  In order to meet the  scaffolding requirements for the construction industry in UAE , We offer  scaffolding contract works from very small works up to major works. We are backed by our highly competent and experienced scaffolding professional and trained workforce which enable us to deliver the projects/works within the agreed time frame without compromising quality and safety.

We undertake scaffolding installation and dismantling works for all construction field which includes Construction of Villas, Multi storied residential and commercial buildings  , ship building, Building demolition projects, Industrial construction, Mechanical and steel construction, Construction of Tanks, Cleaning companies ,Interior decorating companies and all other miscellaneous contractors.

We build various types of scaffolding as per the specific requirements serving different  purpose of the clients like the following :

-To make access to the structure at height during construction
-To support workers and their tools
-To support significant loads from building materials, such as bricks, blocks, stucco..etc

We generally use  the following two categories of  scaffolding systems to make a safe working platform:-

  • Cuplock system of scaffolding
  • Tubular system of scaffolding

Cuplock systems scaffolding is popular for its ability to support heavy loads. With cuplocks at every 50 cm to 100 cm, this type of scaffolding creates highly standardized systems that work well for scaffolding designs with repeated patterns.

Tubular System of scaffolding is one of the earliest types of steel scaffolding and consists of two parts, including the tubes and couplers. The idea is really simple and one reason why it’s so popular is because of the ease in assembly and dismantling methods. To erect the scaffold, we need to connect tubes together to make long runs and then connect the verticals and horizontals together with clamps built specifically for these tubes.

This system is very flexible as we  can place the verticals any place wherever we need it. Where other types of scaffolding don’t easily form to odd shapes, tube and clamp scaffolding can be adapted to round, straight, or irregular buildings. We use this type of scaffolding mostly in the plant rooms where there is full of equipment and pipe lines in an irregular pattern.

If you look for scaffolding contractor in UAE, you may contact us for our affordable price.

Once  we receive the enquiry  for the requirement of scaffolding , we do our survey to decide which types of scaffolding is required to build.Accordingly, we erect any one of the following scaffolding method  as  per the requirement.

Independent Tied Scaffolding :This consists of two rows of standards with each row being joined together with ledgers. The ledgers support the transverse transoms. The scaffold is erected independent from the building but is tied to it at suitable intervals.The inner row should be set as close as is practicable to the building. A base plate is provided for each row of standards.

This is a supporting system used by the people for various works like  plastering, painting…etc.

Cantilever scaffolding : This is a type of independent scaffold which is erected on cantilever beams and secured to a building at only one end. The other side is left hanging or exposed.

Generally cantilever scaffoldings are used under conditions such as:

  •  When the ground does not having the capacity to support standards,
  •  When the Ground near the wall is to be free from traffic,
  •  When upper part of the wall is under construction.

Birdcage Scaffolding : This is a type of independent scaffold which is typically used for interior work in large buildings such as halls, churches, mosques … etc. It is generally only used for one level, typically to provide easy access to ceilings and soffits. It consists of parallel rows of standards connected by ledgers in both directions and supporting a single working platform.

Mobile Scaffolding Tower /Stairway Access Towers:
We  assemble Mobile scaffolding Tower using cuplock system of scaffolding fitted with wheels which allow it to be moved from one place to another. It is typically used in sites where multiple areas require access for light maintenance work, or where a traditional scaffold would have to cover too great a distance to be practical. The aluminum scaffolding Tower is also used for such works as per the situational demands and suitability. We also make stairway access tower as per the specific requirements.

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The name  “Forever scaffolding” is very popular as a scaffolding service provider in UAE since the year 2004.  In order to meet the  scaffolding requirements for the construction industry in UAE , We offer ...

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