Scaffolding Contracting

FOREVER SCAFFOLDING  carry out the scaffolding contracting works in UAE including at Dubai and Abudhabi. Being many years in the scaffolding contracting field in UAE, we do all types scaffolding works . We have very skilled and experienced scaffolding erection team. Our scaffolding service in UAE varies from small works to major construction sites . It includes scaffolding installation works for the  following activities  in Dubai, Abudhabi  and all emirates in UAE.

  • Scaffolding erection for building construction and maintenance .
  • Scaffold contracting for electro-mechanical and MEP companies.
  • Scaffolding work for demolition of buildings.
  • Various Scaffolding jobs for  Events Stages Grand stands and  Hoardings.
  • Scaffolding services for industrial repair and maintenance
  • The Scaffolding contracting for mechanical and steel construction
  • scaffold Work for outdoor signboards and signage
  • For ship building ship repairs and ship maintenance
  • Scaffolding for cleaning companies
  • Work for interior decorating companies
  • Scaffolding for Tanks
  • Scaffolding for chandeliers,domes at mosques

About Our Work Commitment for scaffolding contracting in UAE

We work hard to bring you a sincere and professional service .Our expert team can undertake almost any scaffolding contracting works for you. For example, we undertake  from simple working platforms to complex scaffolding structure. Our scaffolding contracting services in UAE includes scaffold towers and scaffold stages .  Also it includes temporary roofing, ramps, runways, fencing ..etc. Our expert  scaffolding erection team can  advise you  on all aspects of the scaffolding fixing works for your project.

When it come to scaffolding dismantling; just as complex as putting it up, our team put maximum  care for the  dismantling of scaffolds . We make sure the safety of workers and public during the dismantling works. of course, we also take care the structural stability also while doing dismantling work

The close coordination with our team help us to deliver our scaffolding erection services effectively.  As a result, our clients in UAE can have the peace of mind , because, the job is in the hands of expert scaffolding contracting team . By this way of working, we have achieved the reputation as one of the best Scaffolding Contractor in UAE.

We undertake scaffolding Installation and dismantling works for the following systems or types of scaffoldings .  Further more, it can be with or without the rental of scaffolding .

  • scaffolding contracting works for Cuplock Scaffolding in UAE
  • scaffolding contracting for Tubes and Fitting Systems
  • Light weight scaffolding

Let us discuss about each of the above cases, one by one.

Scaffolding Contracting of Cuplock system

The specialty  of CUPLOCK SCAFFOLDING is that it has a common point , where we can connect  4 components. Due to this, we can have  major savings in erection and dismantling thus minimizing on  cost. Even,  small teams can complete scaffolding contracting for your works in UAE

Cuplock scaffold is ideal for a wide range of applications including continuous façade and circular scaffold. Also, for birdcage access and staircase access. This scaffolding is often useful for renovation and masonry works . It is also useful in more specialised applications, like shipbuilding, performance stages and event grandstands.

Scaffolding contracting of Tube and Fitting Systems in UAE

Tube and fitting system is also called Tubular scaffolding or tube and clamp scaffolding. The main components of this scaffolding system are Tubes, couplers and scaffold boards. We can install Tubular scaffolding for any access purpose. The Tubular scaffolding can be an easy solution in many situation where system scaffolding  is not practicable. So, we prefer  to make  Tube and clamp scaffolding for any irregular buildings or inside the plants…etc . We can make scaffolding for almost any access purposes and of any odd shape. In short, the tubular scaffolding is the best solution to make platforms when it is hard to make it  by other methods.

Light Weight Scaffolding Systems ( Access Frame Scaffolding)

Another name for this scaffolding is also called “Frame and Brace Scaffolding” or “H-Frame Scaffolding”. As the name indicates, this scaffolding is not very heavy like cuplock  scaffolding or tubular scaffolding. Also, it is very easy to fix it. We do not provide H Frame scaffolding on hire as this scaffolding does not meet international safety standards. Of course, as a reputed scaffolding contracting company in UAE, we do not provide this type of scaffolding . However, we can do the installation and dismantling of scaffolding for you if you have your own materials.

If you have any scaffolding contacting requirements, please feel free to contact us. As a leading scaffolding company in UAE, we can help you in this regard .

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