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Do you Focuss on the Importance and growth of Scaffolding in UAE


Do you know why this subject “Scaffolding in UAE” is so relevant.? Because scaffolding is a basic need in the construction field in UAE. The construction sector is booming all the time in UAE. The construction projects includes high raise building, villas, malls..etc.. So, the topic “scaffolding in UAE” is a very important in the construction industry. When we refer the scaffolding in UAE, it also relates to the emirates Dubai and Abudhabi as well. The workers need a platform to move materials. And also, to move along to do their tasks for construction works in UAE. For this purpose, scaffolding is very much used in UAE including at Dubai and Abudhabi. It is almost impossible to complete the construction works without the use of scaffolding. Of course, it is true about any construction works in UAE as well as anywhere else in the world. 

Now, we will go through different aspects, as below, regarding the scaffolding.

  • History of scaffolding
  • Importance of scaffolding for construction
  • Types of scaffolding used.
  • Scaffolding contracting works
  • Scaffolding inspection and 3rd party certification in UAE

History of scaffolding in the world and in UAE

As we are discussing about scaffolding in UAE, it is better to start from the history of scaffolding.

The scaffolding has been in use for so many years in the industry. In the olden days, bamboo scaffolding was in use for the construction of pyramid in Egypt. After that, the scaffolding made of bamboo and wood pole was in place in countries like India China and Far east. However, such scaffolding was very minimum in UAE in those days compared to other countries. Later, in the 20th century, innovation of metal scaffolding changed the entire history of scaffolding. Soon, the bamboo scaffolding is replaced by metal scaffolding. These changes happened especially due to the lack of material availability of bamboo and importance of safety needs.  In the present days, modern scaffolding made of steel and alloy components are widely used in UAE.

Importance of scaffolding for construction in UAE including Dubai and Abudhabi

Now a days, we see a lot of development in the infrastructure and construction in United Arab emirates. So, the requirement of   various types of scaffolding has increased. Also, the scaffolding legal requirements in UAE demands safe scaffolding to use for construction. scaffolding installation is a very difficult   job especially in the case of sky touching buildings and towers.  It demands the good work coordination & work sequence like selection, design and supervision for the installation of scaffolding.

Construction or dismantling of scaffolding is highly dangerous job as well as working on the scaffolding to perform other jobs. Serious accidents, including fatalities, can happen if we do not follow safe working practices. You can read about the hazards of working on scaffolding from our blog created for the same. All these factors increase the importance of scaffolding. On the whole, the scaffolding is very important factor to complete any types of construction. So, no need to explain further about the importance of subject “Scaffolding in UAE “ in the construction industry in UAE.

Types of Scaffolding in UAE

There are various types of scaffolding  in use in UAE. The main classification is based on the type of materials of scaffolding. For example, Aluminium scaffolding, Steel scaffolding, GI scaffolding…etc. Another main classification is based on the actual shape and construction of scaffolding like Lightweight scaffolding, Cuplock scaffolding …etc. The cuplock scaffolding is in use very regularly in the majority of the projects in UAE.  The name or types of scaffolding varies depending on the method of construction of scaffolding. Get in touch with FOREVER SCAFFOLDING If you have any questions about the different types of scaffolds.

Scaffolding Contracting works in UAE

If your workers do not know to install scaffolding , do not bother. You can utilise the services of an expert scaffolding contractor. Any good scaffolding companies shall have skilled scaffolding team to execute any types of scaffolding. The name FOREVER SCAFFOLDING is very popular as a leading scaffolding contractor in UAE. In addition, you have another option of hiring certified scaffolders in UAE and supervisors for your scaffolding jobs.

Scaffolding inspection and 3rd party certification in UAE

As per the legal requirement, we have to ensure that erected scaffolding is safe and secure from collapsing. Also, we need to make sure that the users of scaffolding are safe from falling hazards. In order to achieve this, we need to have scaffolding inspection done prior to the use by a competent scaffolding inspector. The scaffolding inspector shall have received training from an approved third-party company. In addition to this, the scaffolding inspection must be repeated at least every seven days. And also, after any alternation of scaffolding. Every scaffold will be provided with a colour coded tag, called SCAFFTAG. The purpose of this tag is to show whether scaffolding is safe to use or not. The colour tag used for safe scaffolding is GREEN and for unsafe scaffolding, the RED tag.

It is always advisable to have a thorough inspection of scaffolding by an approved third-party certification company.With regard to the third-party inspection, the Dubai code of construction safety practice requirement is as follows:

“Supported and suspended scaffolds shall be inspected by a third-party inspection body approved by Dubai Municipality. Then, a proper certificate shall be issued by this company. The inspection will be repeated in case of any change on the location of erection or suspension.”

Regarding the scaffolding at Abudhabi, you may refer OSHAD regulations.


If you are looking for scaffolding for the next project in UAE, FOREVER SCAFFOLDING is your first destination. The reason why people prefer us is because of the following specialties.

  • Stringent safety  standards
  • Experienced  and competent professionals
  • Competitive prices
  • Ontime delivery of the work
  • In the field since several years.
  • The reputation in the market.
  • Flexible approach

Forever Scaffolding is a leading scaffolding company in UAE providing better services in scaffolding contracting and scaffolding Rental.

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