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Types of Scaffolding in construction

We have already discussed about the scaffolding in general through other blogs. But, still it is confusing for many people about the types of scaffolding used in the construction industry. So, this blog gives a light into the types of scaffolding used in the construction industries, especially in UAE . So, this blog will  help the readers to choose the type of scaffolding required for their jobs.

The general types of Scaffolding used in the construction industry are as follows.

  • Single Scaffolding   or  Brick Layer Scaffolding
  • Double scaffolding  or  Independent Scaffolding
  • Cantilever Scaffolding
  • Suspended Scaffolding
  • Ladder or Trestle Scaffolding
  • Mobile Scaffolding or Patented scaffolding
  • Tube and clamp Scaffolding
  • System Scaffolding ( Cuplock, Kwikstage, Staircase Tower…Etc)
    • Cuplock scaffolding
    • Kwikstage Scaffolding
    • Staircase Tower
  • Frame & Brace Scaffolding
  • Mast Climbing scaffolding
  • Shoring
  • Other Equipment ( Scissors Lift,Craddle Scaffold ..etc)
Type of scaffolding used in construction-Single scaffolding
Single Scaffolding- Type of scaffolding

Single scaffolding  or Brick Layer Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding consists of a single framework of standards, ledgers and putlogs connected together . So, we need to  construct Single scaffolding using standard, ledgers , putlogs ..etc  . Single scaffolding is often preferable in brick masonry works.  The name of  vertical membrane is “standard” and horizontal membrane is “legder”.We have to fix the  vertical members firmly into the ground,  parallel to the wall under construction. In the olden days , these standards made of timber or bamboo were in use. But, now a days , we use steel pipe  as “standard”.  The placing of  “standards” or “verticals” is at a distance of  about 1.2 meters from the wall. The distance between standards are about  2 to 2.5 meters.

Using the “ledgers” , we connect the “standards” at a vertical intervals of about 1.2 to 1.5 meters. “Putlogs” connect the scaffolding  to the  wall through the hole made in the wall  , at an intervals of between 1.2 and 1.5 meters. If the scaffolding is tall,  we fix braces as additional support and for stability of  scaffolding.  Need to fix the “braces” diagonally across “standards” . This types of scaffolding is not using in the construction industry ,very commonly, now a days.

Double scaffolding  or Independent Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is very popular for stone masonry works. So, people call it  as Mason’s scaffolding. This scaffolding  is generally stronger than single scaffolding . And so, it provides better support for construction works as compared to single scaffolding. Double scaffolding is  more popular choice for many construction jobs. Another name for this type of scaffolding is  “independent scaffolding”.

In this type of scaffolding , no need  to make holes on the wall  as in the case of  single scaffolding. Here , we fix 2 rows of “standards” at the ground.  ,The first row of standards are  at a distance of  20 to 30 cms from the wall . The second row of standard is  slightly farther from the wall , normally,  at a distance of about 1.5 meters from the first row. By using the ledgers, we connect the  standards  each other. Further, Placing of Transoms  and cross bracings make the scaffolding more stronger and durable. This types of scaffolding is more preferred in the construction industry.

Cantilever Scaffolding– A Type of scaffolding used in construction

Generally cantilever scaffoldings is more useful under conditions such as:

Type of scaffolding used in construction-Cantilever scaffolding
Cantilever Scaffolding- Type of scaffolding
  • When the ground does not having the capacity to support standards,
  • In the cases of Ground near the wall is to be free from traffic,
  • When upper part of the wall is under construction.

Another name for  this type of scaffolding is  “Needle scaffold” , because, the ‘needle’ supports the entire scaffold structure. The needle is often made of timber. The ‘needle’ is braced on all sides to prevent the scaffolding structure from falling over. There are two types of   cantilever scaffolding, single frame scaffolding Type  and double frame scaffolding type or independent scaffolding type. In the case of “single frame type”, the supporting of standards is by the use of  chain of needles . These needles are pulled out via holes in the wall. In the second type , we support needles inside the floors via the openings .

The use of Cantilevered scaffolding is  the best option  in some situations; like, if we face some obstacles preventing us  to erect the scaffolding from the ground.  For example, We may need to  make cantilever scaffolding in a busy street. This types of scaffolding is used in construction field as per the specific requirements.

Suspended scaffolding -A Type of scaffolding used in construction

To work  at high levels , sometimes, it is more convenient and economical to suspend the working platform from above the ground. This is true for some works such as for the painting of tall buildings, than to support it from the ground. This is especially so when the height is more than 30 meters. In this type of scaffolding,  the use of wire ropes or chains help us to suspend the platform  from the roof . In this way, we can raise and lower the platform by the use of  these  chains or ropes.

These scaffolds are of three types—fixed, operated by pulleys and operated by winches.

  • Fixed Type Suspended Scaffolds

These are the scaffolds attached to a truss or the roof truss above the site of work using ropes, chains, tubes, etc.

·       Suspended scaffolds operated by pulleys, etc.

These are like the platforms of the window cleaners and painters of buildings.

·       Suspended scaffolds operated by winches.

These are heavy platforms hung by wires from temporary outriggers . We use the external cranes to operate this out rigger.

Type of scaffolding used in construction-Trestle Scaffolding
Trestle Scaffolding- Type of scaffolding

Ladder or Trestle scaffolding

In this scaffolding, we support  the working platform on movable tripods or ladders. This type of  scaffolding is useful for light work and it is usually portable. Mostly, used for work inside the room, for various purpose like for paintings, repairs etc., up to a height of 5m. They have adjustable legs so their height can be modified depending on the situation.

Type of scaffolding used in construction-Mobile scaffolding
Mobile scaffolding- Type of scaffolding

Rolling or mobile Scaffolding:

Mobile scaffolding is the types of  scaffolding that is set on wheels or casters. So, we are able to move it   as per our requirements. The mobile scaffolding is available at various heights and it is very easy to assemble and dismantle it. This type of scaffolding  is especially useful for certain jobs where workers need to change the  position of works very frequently. For example, construction activities like painting and plastering…etc

Aluminium Mobile scaffolds and steel mobile Tower are available in the market including in UAE.

Tube & Clamp Scaffolding-Types of scaffolding in construction

Type of scaffolding used in construction-Tube and Clamp scaffolding
Tube and Clamp Scaffolding- Type of scaffolding

This is one of the oldest  types of steel scaffolding and can also be called Tubular scaffolding . It consist of  two parts, tubes and clips or couplers. This type of scaffolding is very popular, because of the ease in assembly and disassembly.  This system is very flexible as we can place the verticals wherever you need them. So, it make possible to construct scaffolding of any odd shape . We prefer  to make  Tube and clamp scaffolding for any irregular buildings or inside the plants…etc .The construction of this type of scaffolding is very easy. We connect  Vertical tubes and horizontal tubes  using right angle clamps or couplers. The use of swivel clamps or couplers  is to connect the diagonal tubes  to the scaffold . This helps to increase the stability of the scaffold.

System Scaffolding

Sometimes, we call it as modular scaffolding. This type of scaffolding is not very much flexible like tubular scaffolding. Because, the components for this scaffoldings are pre-fabricated verticals and horizontals . We have to connect these components in a systematic fashion to construct the scaffolding. The advantage of  modular systems is that they do not require a high degree of skill to erect them, because, the location of the connections are fixed. Because of this reason, this type of scaffolding is widely useful for construction activities.

Systems scaffolding is likely the most used type of scaffolding in UAE and across the globe . Different manufacturers have various types of system scaffolding with  repeated structures .

In fact, the name Systems scaffolding is an umbrella term , that includes many different types of scaffolding.

Some of the most popular types of systems scaffolding are the following :

  • Cuplock scaffolding
  • Kwik stage Scaffolding
  • Staircase Tower

Cuplock scaffolding System– Types of scaffolding in construction

The Cuplock scaffolding system is a heavy-duty system and is generally of steel make. It is a very popular modular scaffolding system that are in use in UAE and all over the world. This is because of its simple and unique locking mechanism. This scaffolding is very easy to setup  , it is fast and economical. Due to this reason, cuplock system scaffolding has been in great demand since many years , especially, in UAE. Because, it saves time and money. This system of scaffolding is preferable even globally  to make various structures. So, builders prefer this type of scaffolding for construction, refurbishment or maintenance jobs. The cuplock system is ideal solution for facade scaffolds, birdcage structures, staircases, shoring structures, and mobile towers …etc.

The main components of cuplock system scaffolding are  Standards, Ledgers, Transom & Base plate. The names of vertical membrane and horizontal are Standard and Ledgers respectively. The “ledgers” have a blade at both ends . The “standard” has locking cup throughout its length at every 50 cms apart. These locking cup has 2 elements, bottom cup and Top cup.

The “standard” and “Ledgers” are available in different lengths. The horizontal “ledgers” are connected to the vertical  “standards” at the locking cup . In this way, the entire structure can be completed by connecting “standard” and “Ledgers” horizontally and vertically.

Kwikstage scaffolding System– Types of scaffolding in construction

This system is very similar to cuplock system of scaffolding. The main basic components are standards, ledgers, basic jack, and hook-on boards. The standards and ledgers are “vertical” and “horizontal” tubes same as in the cuplock system. The only difference is in the locking system.  Here, the standards have V-shaped fittings  in place of cup in the cuplock system. The ledgers fit into this V-shaped fittings.  The transoms also use the v-shaped fittings to secure the system and link the inner and outer standards. This types of scaffolding is also very popular in construction industry.

Staircase Tower-Types of scaffolding in construction

Stair access Scaffolding Tower
Stair access scaffolding- Type of scaffolding

The use of scaffolding staircase tower is to access to the main scaffolding platform for work as it is more safer than using ladder. In the same way, staircase tower is useful to work independently from its own platform for small works like fixing light…etc . Workers can carry tools and equipment with them up the stairs, which is safer than carrying them up a ladder. Most system scaffold manufacturers create special components for using to build a staircase. 

Also, the access scaffolding Tower is useful to make temporary access to reach to the high elevation of a building for any urgent works. As in the attached picture, people construct  steel access stairs and connect it with cuplock scaffolding. Forever Scaffolding is a specialised scaffolding company in UAE to supply and fixing of Stair access.

Frame and brace scaffolding-Type of scaffolding used in construction-
Frame and Brace Scaffolding- Type of scaffolding

Frame & Brace Scaffolding

This type of  scaffolding consists of frames, braces, planks, and bases. This scaffold is very light and can be erected very quickly without great experience, because every part is being connected at the pre-fixed place. It’s important to note that this type of scaffolding isn’t as strong as system scaffolding. So, many major projects do not prefer this scaffolding at their projects. Reputed companies in UAE do not use this scaffolding due to the safety issues.

Mast Climbing Scaffolding

A mast climbing scaffolding is similar to the suspended scaffolding . But, not hanged from wires. Here, the scaffold can climb up and down on a  fixed mast structure that is fixed on the ground.

This scaffolding is very useful especially when the worker has to carry heavy load. The mast climbing structure can extend to  get various heights for multi story  buildings. Since mast climber does not require a significant amount of space at the base of the structure, many builders choose it  for projects with limited ground area. This types of scaffolding is generally using in construction of high rise building.


Type of scaffolding used in construction-Shoringscaffolding
Shoring system

As explained already, shoring systems is a temporary structure that we use  to support the permanent structure like building or bridge. This structure with the formwork hold the liquid concrete until it cures into a solid that can support itself. The following is the image of a shoring for the building.

Other Scaffolding

In addition to the above types of scaffolding, there are other equipment to provide the working platform at height for various jobs. These equipment may be either powered one or manually driven . It is excellent  for short term projects that cover a small area. For example, bucket truck, and boom lift and scissor lifts, cradle scaffolds, Boatswain’s Chairs, Cages, Skips etc. (Not Power Operated). If you are in UAE and looks for a a scaffolding company for your works, you can contact us.


If you are not able to decide which scaffolding is suitable for your job, do not worry. You can contact one of the leading scaffolding company in UAE and they can help you in this matter.  Reputed scaffolding contractors like Forever Scaffolding and Tech.Cont in UAE provides scaffolding on rent  . They also can help you to erect and dismantle  the scaffolding complying with the scaffolding legal requirements in UAE.

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