Many people have various doubts or questions about the services provided by scaffolding companies. So, we believe that this subject “scaffolding FAQ in UAE” is very relevant and will be very useful to read. We hope this page of “Scaffolding FAQ” clears all your general doubts regarding the scaffolding services offered by us

Scaffolding FAQ

If you are  involving first time in the scaffolding works, definitely, you will have to clarify your doubts before entering into the business with a scaffolding company. Some of the scaffolding companies in UAE will not reveal  everything at the beginning of the deal. This makes lot of confusion in the mind of client. It can make things complicated at later stages. However, Forever Scaffolding is very transparent in this matter.

As a reputed scaffolding contractor in UAE since very long time, customer satisfaction is very important for us. So, we do not encourage any unclear terms in our deal, whether it is scaffolding rental related or contracts related. We give proper guidance , especially, to the new clients. Our existing clients who were with us since several years are all clear about all general questions. They are giving us repeated works just because of that. So, our FAQ pages is generally for the new clients or those who are new in the scaffolding contracting works.

We are here to clarify your any doubts, whether it is regarding rental or scaffolding contracting or anything else. Keeping this in the mind, we have prepared  few questions and answers under this heading “scaffolding FAQ in UAE” regarding the process of scaffolding service contracts.   It is  produced here as per the interest of our new clients. We have developed this scaffolding FAQ from our experience in the past with various clients. However, if you observe that your question in mind is not included in this general questions, you can contact us for the clarification if you need.

We will be happily to discuss with you , over the phone, about your scaffolding requirement at your project. Followed by this, you may send an official email enquiry , with your contact details and details of services required. Our operations department will send you the quotation on the same day specific to your requirements. If there are so many variables , we will visit your project prior to the quotation..

No. As long as we are able to gain access to the area that needs scaffolding, you do not need to be there.

You can have the scaffolding for as long as you need. We will discuss how long you expect the project to take with you before we start so that we can provide you with an accurate scaffold quote.

It is not recommended. If you wish to dismantle the scaffolding yourself , we can give the discount in the price, but we will not be responsible for the stability and safety of the entire scaffolding from this date. We cannot take the responsibility in case of any scaffolding collapse/accidents.

We assign competent scaffolders for the work and ensure that safe scaffolding is erected complying legal requirements and thus avoiding any possible chance of accident or injury. We can provide safe to use “SCAFFTAG” on the scaffolding if you require so. In case you want to have 3rd party certificate for the scaffolding, we can arrange the same for extra cost by coordinating with the 3rd party and implementing any comments from them, if any, to ensure to get obtain the certificate.

Absolutely, once involved in your project our fully trained scaffold specialists will visit your site and work with you to assess your requirements precisely and provide the expert advice you would expect from us as professionals. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you need, we’ll be happy to advise you.

Send us an official email enquiry with the details of requirement and address of your organisation. If you are not sure about the details, contact us on 055.9249648 and we’ll help you on this. If required, we will arrange for one of our scaffolding specialists to visit your site with you to assess your requirements and to provide you detailed quote.

Yes – Generally, our price includes the erection and dismantling of the scaffold. If you have any specific requirements, can be discussed case to case.

Every job is different, we can give you an idea of erection time when we quote for the work. We can complete the job as per the agreed schedule provided in advance.

Yes. “Forever Scaffolding” professional scaffolders and leading hands will erect the scaffold according to your needs. We will build the scaffold up to the desired height, ensuring safety compliance at all times during the work.

We offer scaffolding services as packages and so you don’t have to be a scaffold expert. Everything is included. You don’t have to worry about whether the joint pins, or handrails, or the right number of scaffold boards..etc are included. You only have to inform us about your requirements.

Both aluminium and steel have their benefits. The biggest advantage of aluminium is its light weight in comparison to steel, meaning that scaffolding can be erected or dismantled quickly. It is best suited to those who only need the scaffolding for a short amount of time. Steel is stronger and more stable and thus more suited to difficult terrain, long periods of time and the winter months with hazardous weather. It is a lot heavier than aluminium and so takes longer to put up and take down. Generally, aluminium scaffoldings are used only for lighter works as a tower scaffolding.

We are very proud of our customer service and so we aim for a very quick turnaround. Scaffolding removal time will depend on the size of the scaffolding structure, but we will always endeavour to remove it as soon as possible.

We would never recommend you to erect the scaffolding yourself with your normal labours simply because of health and safety issues and legal compliance . Our scaffolders are very well experienced , competent and third party approved . They know how to erect and dismantle structures safely with ease and precision. This is important for stability and strength of the scaffolding in order to avoid possible accident/collapse of scaffolding leading to legal complications.