Scaffolding For Demolition of Building

We are a specialist scaffolding company assisting for the demolition of building. We can construct scaffolding for the demolition of any size of building as per your requirements.

Whether you are demolishing an apartment block or extending a house, making the project safe by using scaffolding is essential.

Requirements on many demolition sites vary from project to project. However, there are no variations where safety standards are concerned.

We can offer a full site survey, Safety checks and any help with planning on the project as part of the package.

We provide scaffolding for building demolition work using heavy duty cuplock system for the following purposes:

–During demolition for containing dislodged materials or providing a safe platform for working and edge protection.
–To make fencing at all around the building with net fixed onto the scaffolding.
— For making safe access and egress

We do the progressive dismantling of scaffolding with the removal of ties according to the progress of work. We consider the risk control measures , as below , and implement during the scaffolding work for demolition activity.

–Securing of Scaffold planks to avoid dislodgement from falling debris
– Regular inspection and maintenance of the scaffold
– Making sure that the scaffold is progressively dismantled and in line with demolition work
– Reduce the vertical spacing of the scaffold ties to facilitate the demolition cycle.
– Containment sheeting on the scaffold’s internal face should be installed for the purpose of deflecting material into the building thus reducing the  potential for scaffold overloading.

If you have any requirements of scaffolding requirements for the demolition of building anywhere in UAE, just give us a call. The safety of scaffolding for demolition work is very important. So, selection of scaffolding contractor is very important for demolition works .We can provide all the help in this matter. As a reputed scaffolding contractor, we can estimate your requirements including scaffolding rental and scaffolding contracting.

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