Scaffolding Rental in UAE

Forever Scaffolding and Tech.Cont is the pioneer in the scaffolding Rental in UAE since more than a decade .  Our scaffolding rental division  in UAE  provide unmatched services  for you. Whatever may be your scaffolding rental  needs in UAE, we have suitable solution for you. Moreover, our rates are very reasonable. 

We rent out the following scaffoldings :

  • Steel Scaffolding Rental
  • Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding on Rent
  • Mobile steel scaffolding Rental
  • Scaffolding staircase Tower
  • Cuplock scaffolding on Rent.
  • Scaffolding components like standards, ledgers, transom, scaffold boards..etc

We have been getting  scaffolding rental orders , since many years , from the same clients repeatedly . Further, this clearly shows quality of our rental service and proven client’s satisfaction. Moreover, we have committed and competent staff to manage the rental division.

Cuplock Scaffolding Rental

“Forever Scaffolding” is one of the leading scaffolding companies in UAE. We offer Cuplock steel scaffolding on rental basis . The rental can be with or without scaffolding contracting works. Normally, we rent out the cuplock scaffolding on lumsum basis for a given size of scaffolding. For example, A size of 100 Mtr length X 2.5 Mtr Width X 20 Mtr Height . We can offer scaffolding on rental basis as a package along with the transportation, installation and dismantling or separately

If you are not sure about the size and quantity of scaffolding required , just call us  to help you in this regard. We can workout the best possible rental solution and rate for you . Also, we rent out individual scaffolding components of cuplock system on weekly or monthly basis. Above all, we assure you that you are giving the job to the hands of a reputed scaffolding contractor in UAE.

You can read our FAQ pages regarding the process of quotation and general terms about scaffolding Rental in UAE.

Aluminium Scaffolding on Rent

We offer Aluminium Mobile Towers of various heights on weekly or Monthly rental Basis. Aluminium mobile scaffoldings are a better choice , compared to the use of ladders. This is true especially, if we have to perform works continuously at various locations.

Our Services

Scaffolding Contracting

Forever Scaffolding and Tech.Cont. undertakes the works of scaffolding contracting in UAE. Being a reputed scaffolding contracting company in UAE , we carry out all types scaffolding Installation and dismantling works . Our scaffolding contracting works in UAE varies from...

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding Tower Sale

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Supply of Certified Scaffolders

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Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding Tower Rental

"Forever scaffolding" supply  the aluminium mobile scaffolding tower  on rental basis in UAE. The aluminium mobile scaffolding Tower makes an easy solution for work at height. The tower is available at different heights and it is very comfortable and risk free ....

Steel Scaffolding Rental

We provide steel scaffolding on rental basis in UAE. This can be on weekly basis , monthly basis or daily basis. The main steel scaffolding we supply on rental basis in UAE  is  cuplock scaffolding . Steel scaffolding has great stren...

Cuplock Scaffolding Accessories Rental

Cuplock scaffolding is a heavy duty scaffolding made from Steel. “Forever Scaffolding” supply cuplock scaffolding  and it’s accessories on rental basis in UAE. Cuplock scaffolding is much better than light weight scaffolding in terms of durability and safety. As a