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Hazards of Scaffolding and Ladder

This blog subject ” Hazards of scaffolding and Ladder” is very relevant in todays construction industry. Also , this blog describe about out the fall hazards of Scaffolding and Ladder.

–Fall of persons/fall of material from height – which can cause Disability / fatality/ serious injury

Control Measures:

  • Proper and safe scaffolding must be provided with full boarded secured platform
  • Scaffolding must only be erected, dismantled or altered by competent person.
  • Guard rails and toe boards are required to all working platform where a person may fall 2 metres or more and must not be removed by unqualified personnel.
  • Avoid work at night on scaffolding unless sufficient  and adequate illumination is provided.

Always wear Safety Harness while working at height.

–Collapse of working platform through overloading – which can cause disability/ Head injuries/Body injuries/ fatality/serious injury

Control Measures:

  • Materials to be shifted properly during scaffold erection and dismantling. Do not throw the materials to the ground.
  • Good housekeeping shall be maintained
  • Tool box talk and daily activity briefing shall be conducted before start the work
  • Scaffolding must be inspected and tagged by a competent person.
  • Scaffold must be properly braced and tied.
  • Unauthorized alteration or modification is not allowed
  • Never use any damaged materials for scaffold erection, inspect before use for any damage.
  • Special inspection must be done after any change in weather conditions.
  • All scaffolding material must be checked for suitability and stability.
  • Scaffold must be erected on leveled ground
  • Scaffold inspector must be required for inspection

No overloading of material on the platform of Scaffolding

-Inadequate Access and egress to the working platform — which can cause disability/fatality/ serious injury by fall of men

Control Measures :

  • Use good ladders, Inspect it on regular basis, fix ladder with working platform.
  • Barricade the area while working on scaffolding to control unauthorized access
  • Access shall be clear at all time
  • Training shall be conducted
  • All required PPE must be worn

Hazards of fall from from ladder

Control Measures :

  • Ladders shall be selected according to the nature of job to be performed.
  • Do not over reach.
  • Do not place the ladder in unsafe places. It shall be placed on firm/level grounds/surfaces and to be secured.
  • While working above 2m height fall protection devices shall be used, if not having a safe working platform like permanent building structures.
  • Do not stand on the top 2 rungs of a ladder
  • Do not use a damaged ladder (i.e. like without non skidding rubber shoes etc.)
  • All ladders shall be inspected prior to the use.
  • Secure the locking arm properly in the slot meant for that. Do not lock in other slots for the sake of increasing the height or decreasing the width of the ladder.
  • Only one person shall stand on the ladder, if the ladder is designed for one person to use.
  • Keep the body facing towards towards the ladder, while working.
  • Do not handle heavy materials by standing on
  • Always keep the ladder free from oil, grease, paint and other slippery material.
  • If the ladder is to be used at higher elevations, suitable precautions shall be taken to prevent the ladder from toppling through the edges. Note : If you need professional advise on this matter, approach a reputed scaffolding company in UAE

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