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Is it better to use scaffolding than ladder for work at height Jobs?

This blog describes about the subject “Scaffolding for work at height” jobs.  It says more about the difference between the use of scaffolding and ladder for work at height jobs. In addition, this blog compares the advantages and limitations of using scaffolding and ladder for work at height jobs. Further, it answers for the question whether “is it better to use scaffolding for work at height jobs than ladder”. Before we proceed, it is better to understand separately about what is meant by scaffolding and ladder in short.

What is scaffolding and Use for work at height

Scaffolding is the temporary structures that we use to support people and materials to carry out work at height.  It can be for construction or repair of buildings and other structures. So, the main purpose of a scaffolding is to provide a safe working platform for work at height. This platform helps to have a safe access to store the materials and tools needed for the work. Generally, people prefer to use scaffolding for work at height if the job is of long duration. If you want to understand more about scaffolding, read our blog on “what is meant by scaffolding”.

What is a Ladder and use for work at height

Ladder is a structure using  for climbing up or down. Ladder consists essentially of two long side pieces joined at intervals by cross pieces. Employees step on it for the works . So, we use Ladders in the construction industry for work at height jobs. Also, for any jobs which require work at height. Mostly, people prefer ladder for small works, because of the easiness to move it from place to place.

Scaffolding or ladder-Which is better to use for work at height

Here, we consider the question “Is scaffolding better for work at height jobs than ladder ?”. In order to answer this, we have to think about the limitations of using ladder for work at height. Similarly, need to consider the advantages of using scaffolding for work at height jobs. So, come on, let us move into these.

Limitations on the Use of Ladder

Several accidents happen every year, including fatalities, due to the fall from ladder. It is because of various reasons like “the ladder not properly secured” and others. Especially, when the work is of very short duration, people hesitate to secure it. Other typical ladder accidents include falls because of over-reaching or over-balancing.  Or due to losing hold of the ladder when carrying loads up. Also, if ladder is not setup at proper angle, it can slip and cause accident. Thus, ladder has many limitations in its use. In short, there are several reasons for accidents to happen from the ladder, compared to the use of scaffolding. Also, it is very difficult to carry the tools and materials while working on ladder. Due to all these difficulties, people may choose scaffolding for work at height instead of ladder.

Advantages of Using Scaffolding than Ladder

On a Scaffolding, several people can work at the same time on the platforms. It may be for various works too. Also, each of them gets enough space to work on. But it is difficult to work in the same way, with a ladder. Because, you have to go down most of the times to move it. In addition, ladders also need external support. On the contrary, it is very easy to work on scaffolding. Once reached to the working platform of a safely constructed scaffolding, the employee’s both hands are free for the job. And so, we can do the work speedily and safely. In the case of ladder, the employee has to use one hand, always, to hold on the ladder. Due to this, it is very difficult to do the job safely according to the three-point contact principle.

Hope you have understood why people prefer to use scaffolding for work at height from the above paragraph.If you are not aware about the proper use of scaffolding, do not worry much. There are good scaffolding companies to help. If you have a scaffolding in UAE to erect, you can contact a leading scaffolding contractor in UAE. They can help you in this regard.

Conclusion of why scaffolding is preferable for work at height jobs

It is always comfortable and safe to use scaffolding for work at height than ladders . This way, we can avoid major accidents. Ladders are not suitable for continuous jobs. It is suitable only for small duration of works. So, considering all the above points, we can definitely reach to a conclusion. Yes, definitely,  scaffolding is better to use than ladder for work at height jobs. Even though we prefer scaffolding than ladder, the scaffolding  is dangerous too if not erected properly. Collapse of scaffolding can result in multiple fatalities if not erected properly by the competent scaffolders. So, if you are not sure about how to erect a scaffolding safely , you have to take the service of a reputed scaffolding company in UAE.

If your work is in UAE, ensure that you comply with scaffolding legal requirements in UAE during scaffolding works.

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