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Safety of Scaffolding Dismantling

The safety of scaffolding dismantling  is an important topics of today. Because, it is a high risk activity which can cause  serious accidents.  This can cause serious injuries and fatality. Of course, these risks are not only for those doing the job. But also, for other workers and general public nearby. So, this blog  is  about Safety of scaffolding dismantling process. Here, you can read  about the control measures that need to take while dismantling the scaffolding to ensure safety.

In fact, the process of scaffolding dismantling is the reverse order of Installation. The process begins the removal of the piping and guardrail at the top . Then, proceeds to the removal of platform planks. The main hazards while dismantling scaffolding is the collapse of the structure. Also, the fall of material and scaffolders. If you have a  scaffolding dismantling work in UAE and not sure about doing it, we can assist.  As we are a leading scaffolding company in UAE , we can take all your headache of  scaffolding dismantling. However, this blog is not about only the scaffolding in UAE.

 Now, let us go through safety control measures during the dismantling of scaffolding.

Safety Control Measures during the dismantling of scaffolding

To ensure the safety during the scaffolding dismantling , the following safe practices needs to follow.

Safety measures Before starting scaffolding dismantling

  • First of all, barricade the area during the scaffolding dismantling to protect the people around. If it is possible, provide barricades at a distance of 1.0 meter from scaffold structure.
  • Before we start to dismantle scaffolding, identify any hazards that may result in a fall injury or death. Definitely, it is advisable to do a thorough  risk assessment .
  • The trained and certified scaffolders to erect the scaffolding . Also, it shall be under the supervision of competent supervisors. This is a very important matter to ensure the safety of scaffolding during dismantling.

Safety measures during scaffolding dismantling

Clear the platform of all materials and debris before dismantling the scaffolding. No materials  to stack or leave on the structure temporarily ,but brought to the ground straight away.

Never throw or drop  scaffold member to the ground. Like, scaffold board, coupler, planks…etc. The components shall pass down from person-to-person. Or,  lowered to the ground using a rope system or hoist.

Ensure that no one is standing directly below  while  the dismantling the scaffolding materials.Otherwise, material can fall on him. So, it is a major control about the safety of scaffolding during dismantling.

Ensure that when dismantling scaffold, the platform immediately below has a full set of planks across its width.

A section of the scaffold need to leave open (for example no platform in place). This is to allow the lowering of planks or other scaffolding components between levels.

A minimum 3 board working platform together with a single guard-rail shall be provided as dismantling works progress.

Never remove anchors or ties too early during scaffolding dismantling operations. This is necessary  especially during the dismantling the scaffolding for the demolition of building .

Remove edge protection and any means of access only at the last possible stage.

Ensure the structure will remain stable at all times. This is very important to have safety of scaffolding during dismantling.

Dismantle each tier completely before starting on the one below.

Remove any jammed or rusted components with care.

Finally, the dismantled scaffolding material should not pile up. In other words, stack the dismantled scaffold neatly to keep ready for transporting.


In summary, the above safety measures are a brief description only about the safety of scaffolding dismantling. Still, Are you not able to  put up a decision regarding the safety of scaffolding dismantling in UAE? Do not worry. You can  contact a scaffolding contractor in UAE  for assistance. If you have a doubt regrading safety measures, please refer to the scaffolding legal requirements in UAE

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