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Safety of Scaffolding Dismantling

The dismantling of scaffolding is a high risk activities which can causes accidents resulting serious injuries and fatality. So, the safety of scaffolding dismantling is an important point to be discussed. The safe procedure shall be followed while dismantling the scaffolding. This blog is about the safety of scaffolding during dismantling process.

The dismantling of scaffolding is the reverse process of assembly.

Safety Control Measures during the dismantling of scaffolding

To ensure the safety during the dismantling , the following safe practices shall be followed:

Appropriate barricades shall be installed to protect people in the vicinity during scaffold erection, use, modification and dismantling. If it is possible, barricades shall be provided by keeping a clear distance of 1.0 meter from scaffold structure.

  • The scaffolding shall be erected by the trained and certified scaffolders under the supervision of competent supervisors.
  • Before the team starts to dismantle scaffolding, we must identify any hazards that may result in a fall, or cause death or injury from a fall and assess the risk of death or injury.
  • Clear the platform of all materials and debris before dismantling.
  • A minimum 3 board working platform together with a single guard-rail shall be provided as dismantling works progress.
  • Ensure that when dismantling scaffold, the platform immediately below the level the worker is standing on, has a full set of planks across its width.
  • A section of the scaffold may be left open (for example no platform in place) to allow the lowering of planks or other scaffolding components between levels.
  • Do not drop scaffolding components from heights when dismantling scaffold
  • Scaffold anchors or ties should not be removed too early during dismantling operations, especially, while dismantling the scaffolding for the demolition of building as it progresses.
  • Edge protection and any means of access can be removed as the scaffolding is dismantled, provided it is removed at the last possible stage.
  • Ensure the structure will remain stable at all times.
  • Dismantle each tier completely before starting on the one below
  • Remove any jammed or rusted components with caution.
  • Do not throw or allow falling to ground any scaffold member, board or fittings.
  • The dismantled scaffolding material should not be allowed to pile up. Dismantled scaffold material shall be neatly stacked to be ready for transporting.

If you are not confident about your skill and capability onhow to dismantle a safe scaffolding, you can have advise from a scaffolding contracting company.

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