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Safety of Scaffolding installation

The safety of scaffolding installation is a major issue in the construction field as huge numbers of employees are killed every year from the accidents related to scaffolding. There are many factors related to the safety of scaffolding during the installation process.

The safe scaffolding does not result just from wish, it happens only with proper planning of the works throughout the process.We should plan properly from beginning to erect a safe and stable scaffolding.

Let us go through the following stages for the erection of a safe scaffolding :


Planning before scaffolding work starts can help to eliminate many of the associated health and safety risks. A scaffold plan should be prepared initially, which has to include a site layout plan, detailed elevation and sections of the scaffold. You may need to consult with scaffold designer, builder or principal contractor to prepare the scaffold plan. This scaffold plan should address all the issues like basis of plan, ground conditions and loading, supporting structure, access and egress, tying, bracing, type of scaffold and edge protection. I hope a leading scaffolding contractor in UAE can assist you further on this.

Other Considerations:

  • Exposure to Electrical Services: If there is an exposure to bare and insulated electrical lines in close proximity to the scaffolding erection area, Contact the electricity entity in control of the electrical part to confirm voltage, insulation and appropriate systems of work.
  • Mobile Plant and Traffic: If there is hazard from mobile plant and moving traffic, appropriate control measures shall be taken like rerouting of traffic roads, placing barricades, signs, posts..etc to prevent the vehicles/plants approaching towards the  scaffolding.
  • Mixing and matching scaffold components: Incompatible scaffold components ,from different manufactures, can lead to difficulties in dismantling and so it should not be used unless it is approved by the concerned scaffolding Engineer.
  • Before the commencement of the scaffolding installation, Prepare Method statement and risk assessment to assess the risks involved and to take adequate control measures

Installation of Scaffolding

As per the above planning and design, the scaffolding work shall be carried out ensuring the following:

  • Establish exclusion zones around scaffolding and adjoining areas to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing the area.
  • The scaffolding shall be erected by the trainedand certified scaffolders under the supervision of competent supervisors.
  • The ground shall be prepared and compacted as required to take up the load of scaffolding.
  • Soleboards and baseplates shall be provided to evenly distribute the load from the scaffold to the supporting surface.
  • Tie the scaffolding to the structure at the required interval vertically and horizontally.
  • Provide adequate bracing for the
  • Full boarded platform shall be fixed and planks shall be secured.
  • Edge protection shall be provided at all edges of the scaffolding as per the standard.
  • Provide Toe board at all sides of the platform.

Workers must be provided with safe access to and egress from scaffold during the erection, use and dismantling of scaffolding.Temporary stairs or portable ladder access systems installed at the start of erection, progressed with the scaffold, and used by the scaffolder whenever possible.

If you are not confident about your skill and capability to install a safe scaffolding, you can have advise from a scaffolding contracting company.

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