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Scaffolding Rental Or Buying– Which is better ?

Deciding to buy or rent scaffolding can be a hard decision for a business owner to make. There are so many reasons why you should buy, and there are so many other reasons to rent out scaffolding. So this blog subject ” Scaffolding Rental or Buying -Which is better is better in UAE is very relevant. In fact, this subject matter is applicable for all other countries also.

To decide about whether to buy or rent a scaffolding for your scaffolding works is little bit complicated if you are not considering several concerned factors. In order to understand about these factors, I request your attention on the following. Once you finish reading this blog, I hope, you will be in a better position to decide whether rental or buying -which is better for your scaffolding work in UAE .

Reasons why you should rent/Buy a scaffolding:

1.How long You require the scaffolding :

You have to know how long you require the scaffolding on rent. If you require it for long period continuously ,say 2 years or more, you can decide to buy the scaffolding as the total rental charges will be near to the cost of the scaffolding for such a long duration. In such cases, I recommend you to buy the scaffolding, but, after considering several other factors as detailed in this blog. Also, consider whether you are capable to allocate huge amount for buying the scaffolding without affecting the progress of the entire project. In order to have a balance on financial issues, you can also consider to buy only partial quantity and remaining scaffolding on rental basis. Its all depends on your choice considering all these factors.

2.Whether Intermittent or continuous use :

Whether the duration of scaffolding requirement is continuous or intermittent is another factor to consider. Suppose you need scaffolding for 2 months continuously for a particular work, then no requirements for another 4 months, again you need it for next one month and so on. In such cases, it is recommended to rent the scaffolding .Otherwise, the storage and handling during the idling period will be an additional headache and will have impact on cashflow. If you are not able to access yourself, take the advise of a specialised scaffolding contractor in UAE


The cost is a vary important factor for you to decide whether renting or buying is better. If your budget can afford you to buy a scaffolding , considering all the above and below factors, you may go for it. But, do not do it unless your budget can afford it and you are comfortable financially to run the project as you have to spend huge amount altogether to buy the scaffolding.


If you decide to buy the scaffolding , you have to make sure that you have hired enough storage space tostore the balance materials at warehouse which is costly again. Also, you have to spend money for labour hours to stock the material , re arrangements ,loading, unloading ..etc. So, your decision to buy a scaffolding should not be completely depend on the direct cost, but, you have to consider all these indirect expenses.

5.Depreciation of cost

If you decide to buy a scaffolding, you have to calculate the price of the scaffolding at the end of your project, say 2 or 3 years considering the depreciation. Some of the materials might be damaged during these period. You may have tosell it on scrap basis or second hand price.


Now ,you have learned the advantages and disadvantages of renting/buying scaffolding and various parameters to consider. By considering and evaluating all the above factors in your project, you can decide which choice is better in your case. You can have consultation with a specialist scaffolding company in UAE to have more idea about this subject.

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