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Scaffolding Rental Or Buying– Which is better ?

Welcome all to read this blog about the subject” Scaffolding Rental or buying-which is better”. The answer for this question is sometimes difficult. So, the decision about “ rental or buying a scaffolding-which is better” may be a hard for some. Because, there may be many reasons why we prefer scaffolding rental. Similarly, there are many reasons to prefer buying a  scaffolding. Are you confused now? No need of any confusion. We will make it clear for you. In case you are not considering important factors or reasons in both cases, the decision may be difficult for you. If you consider all these factors in both the cases of scaffolding rental and buying, the matter is simple. So, I request  your attention to these two factors or list of reasons.  This way, you will be able to decide about “whether scaffolding rental or buying-which is better”?

Reasons to choose scaffolding rental or buying :

Mainly, there are main five reasons or factors to consider regarding this subject.  If you analyse these five reasons properly,  you will get the answer about “whether scaffolding rental or buying-which is better”?.

They are as follows:

  • How long you require the scaffolding.
  • Whether irregular or continuous use.
  • Cost.
  • Storage issues.
  • Depreciation of material cost.

How long You require the scaffolding-To decide about scaffolding rental or buying:

You have to know how long you require the scaffolding on rent continuously. Suppose, you require it for long period continuously ,say 3 years or more. Then, you can prefer to buy the scaffolding  than rental. Because, the total rental charges will be near to the cost of the scaffolding for such a long duration. In such cases, I recommend you to buy the scaffolding. But, note that  you cannot  take this decision without considering all other factors. That is why, several other factors have included in this blog. Also, consider whether you are capable to allocate huge amount of money for buying the scaffolding. That too,  without affecting the progress of the entire project. In order to have a balance on financial issues, you can also have another option too. Yes, consider to buy only partial quantity and remaining scaffolding on rental basis. Definitely,  it is your choice.

Whether irregular  or continuous use :

Whether the duration of scaffolding requirement is continuous or irregular. It is another important  factor to consider. Consider you need a scaffolding for 2 months continuously for a particular work. Then, no requirements for another 4 months. Again, you need the same scaffolding  for the  next one month and so on. In such cases, it is recommended to rent the scaffolding .Otherwise, the storage and handling of material  during the idling period will be an additional headache for you. Of course,  and it will have impact on cashflow too.  If you are in UAE  and  not sure about decision, take the advice from a specialised scaffolding contractor in UAE. They can help you to decide whether scaffolding rental or buying is better for you.

Cost of scaffolding

When you  consider the cost, it is about rental cost as well as purchase cost. The cost is a vary important factor for you to decide whether renting or buying is better. For example, you decided to buy a scaffolding based on some factors. But, you have to spend huge amount , altogether, to buy scaffolding  for your project. Just consider whether you are comfortable financially to run the project after spending this huge amount. If not, no need to take such headache. So, this factor is also an important one to decide whether scaffolding rental or buying which is better. ?


If you decide to buy the scaffolding , storage is one main issue we have to think about.  You have to make sure that you have hired enough storage space to store the balance materials at warehouse . Again this is costly matter too , especially  the warehouses in UAE. If you need a scaffolding in UAE, think twice before buying it. Also, you have to spend money for labour hours to stock the material , re -arrangements ,loading, unloading ..etc. So, your decision to buy a scaffolding should not be completely depending on the direct cost.  But, you have to consider all these indirect expenses. in short , storage facility is another matter while considering the question“Scaffolding Rental  Or Buying– Which is better” ?.

Depreciation of material cost

If you decide to buy a  scaffolding, you need to consider the price of it at the end of your project. For example, the project  period may be 3 or 4 years . At the end of this period, the price of scaffolding will decrease due to wear and tear. Yes, we call it as “depreciation”. Some of the materials might be damaged during these period. You may have to sell it on scrap basis or second hand price.

Conclusionabout scaffolding rental or buying

To conclude ,you have learned the advantages and dis-advantages of renting or buying of scaffolding. Also, about other various factors to consider. Now, ask the question “Scaffolding Rental  Or Buying– Which is better” ? again to yourself.  Sure, now, all the above five points comes to your mind. In this way, you need to evaluate the matter in the light of above five points . Of course, this will help you to decide whether scaffolding rental or buying is better. If you are in UAE and need assistance in this regard, contact a scaffolding company in UAE . It is always advisable to get the job done through a scaffolding company. Because, you will not have any headache as they instal it as per the “scaffolding legal requirements in UAE”.

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