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Choose a right scaffolding company

When you want to choose a right scaffolding company for your scaffolding work, there are several factors you need to consider. It is sure that all scaffolding companies are not equal on the basis of all these factors. So, this blog about the subject ” Choose a right scaffolding company” is worth reading.

The main factors to consider are the following:

  • Competency Level of Scaffolders and supervisors.
  • Reputation of the scaffolding company and location.
  • Possession of Valid 3rd party certifications for the scaffolders
  • Contractual Terms, Inclusions & Exclusions
  • Communication and response
  • Flexibility in the approach
  • Rates for the installation and rental

Let us go through all the above points one by one.

Competency Level of Scaffolders and Supervisors for Choosing a right scaffolding company

The safety of scaffolding installation greatly depends on the competency level of scaffolders and scaffolding supervisors. So, confirm whether competent scaffolders are available to install the scaffolding and supervise the works safely. You can discuss this matter with the scaffolding company before finalising the contract and you can ask the evidences of it, if you wish so. The internal and external training coupled with

Reputation of Scaffolding company and Location for selecting a right one

You need to consider about the reputation of the company in your local area. Normally, the reputation is achieved by the companies by their presence in the local market and in executing scaffolding works for many years. It is advised not to deal with any newly formed companies. Look for the companies who have been there in the market minimum 5 or 10 years in executing similar jobs.

Possession of Valid 3rd Party Certifications

The third party certificates for the scaffolders are obtained after attending the theory class and passing practical test on scaffolding installation with the approved third party institutes.The scaffolding to be installed only by the scaffolders who are in possession of valid 3rd party certificate of competency as per the legal requirements. A good scaffolding company will definitely have a third party certifications for all their scaffolders. In the same way, scaffolding inspectors shall have third party certificates of competency from the approved third party institutions.

So, you can certainly consider this factor when you have to choose a good scaffolding company. When you need the supply of certified scaffolders in UAE, you can approach us

Contractual Terms, Inclusions & Exclusions

Each scaffolding company’s terms and conditions varies on several matters related to the scaffolding contract works and rental services . So, these must be studied in detail as it affects directly or indirectly on the cost of the services. So, if you are not sure about the terms and conditions ,please clarify it before issuing work order. In order to have clarity about the terms and conditions, it is always better to ask for the detailed quotation from the scaffolding company with all the terms and conditions. Discuss in detail about the scope of works, variations, exclusions …etc . You have to consider all these points before finalizing or selecting a scaffolding contractor for your works.

Communications and Response Issues for choosing a right scaffolding company

Timely communication and quick response is an important aspect while choosing a right scaffolding company. You can evaluate this while you are in the process of discussion with the scaffolding company before finalization of contract. Some companies are not good in communication and it takes long time to get responses and actions. This will affect the timely completion of works within the specified duration. The quick response from the scaffolding contractor is very important, especially after the work starts at the project .Because, the day to day specific works requirements needs to be communicated between the site level staff on frequent basis for carrying out the job smoothly .

Flexibility in the approach while choosing a right scaffolding company

The flexibility in the approach of the scaffolding company influence the work progress. The flexibility does not mean that scaffolding contractor has to work freely for any variations/additions of works. Of course, work scope will be according to the signed contract. But, the flexibility can be on several aspects like daily scheduling of scaffolding works according to the client requirements. May be , on some days , you do not need much scaffolding work .On the other day, you may need more scaffolders to be assigned for scaffolding works to match with your work requirements for that particular day. In this way, flexibility approach has some influence on your scaffolding works. It is not very easy to evaluate this issue before you avail the works from a scaffolding company. But, can evaluate the scaffolding contractor through early discussions on about this subject. This is one of the reasons why some clients give work repeatedly to the same scaffolding contractor with whom they are comfortable based on previous works.

Rates for the installation and rental of scaffolding

One thing is worth to note that nothing is free in the market. If you are looking for something very cheap always, you may have to compromise on something else, may be it is quality. So, while you consider the price, you have to consider it along with various parameters together before you finalise the deal just based on the price. We suggest you to give less priority on price compared to other factors mentioned in this blog.

I believe that you have got an idea about how to choose a right scaffolding company based on the above factors. If you are considering a top scaffolding company in UAE, Forever Scaffolding will be a right choice.

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